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Pls allow to ask few verification regarding the application i filled up it seems that there are question regarding the account name and also the users name but no space for password but you ask me to login asking my user name with password certainly

Pls show your sincere intention to this dissemination of questionnaire without malice why ask me to login in my username that no space available to insert my password yet in my user name you ask me to give password. In my country Philippines we donot tolerate people to miscalculate us have you heard or perhaps seen that in Mindanao group there eliminated almost fifty four good people without any misleading at all just having plan of desertion and 31 of which are even top caliber reporter but when the time as was still on those sight muslim has been aware that RAM are Heroes when Marcos was driven from Malacanang Lead by RAM i am one of those
RAM strength who is willing to sacrifice for the seek of peoples warefare not to be abused without any compensation at all if you are in our country you are certainly in danger situation we are not just people but man of dignity and honor pls refrain from misleading cause it is very bad plan you are organized syndicate of bad intention, i hope i am not mistaken but i am two times victim of such misleading if you are really a good citizen you must not intentionally mislead people by which you are not sure who we are if you are in the Philippines we will give you moral lesson to learn to be upright you know our President Marcos was excellent president but by the time he mislead us we fight to the last of our breath it is known through the world, so please dont miscalculate us please, avoid bad motive or else God will punish you i have the printed documents to justify that no password space available that you ask me to give my account name and said it is also a username but no password being ask but when you ask me to login you ask me to give password i cannot give my password being a user and administrator i am also a president and chairman of the board my my Holdings we have mush

c wealth than you have but be live simple life i am sure if we meet i can show you more factual evidence that you are playing of me, i said it because i am being miscalculated by you and your teammate. Thank if you read this and put in mind God is closer to me than you do the give me much treasure than you do only i keep it sacred until time of redemption and judgement i play a big rule, this time just remain silent. until we meet cause i am going to America My Son In low is a Doctor soldier and a medic now in Iraque. my daughter is in Georgia so i am sure we can see and visit you. So, until we meet, despite Merry Christmas.

Catalino B. Gilboy , 08.12.2010, 04:12
Idea status: under consideration


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